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Da Vinci Group presented Pepper the Robot and it stunned the visitors with its extraordinary hosting and presenting skills at the biggest Iraqi technology exhibition 2022. The Hawler Information Technology Exhibition (HITEX) 2022, the biggest Iraqi technology exhibition, was held from 27 to 30 June in Erbil. The annual computer and electronics exhibition and conference hosted the region’s leading tech businesses and industry leaders. The four-day event was held from 27th to 30th June at the Erbil International Fairground in Erbil, Kurdistan to offer a contemporary platform for AI solutions and robotics.
Thousands of local and international AI/tech experts, entrepreneurs, emerging businesses, and tech corporations presented their miraculously cutting-edge innovations in technology, latest products, and distinctive services from across the world. More than 178 local and international exhibitors and about 30 countries participated in the groundbreaking event.

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Apart from the exhibitors showcasing their innovative inventions, HITEX provided a platform for entertaining games, seminars, and conferences and offered a gateway to the latest information and technological developments in Iraq and the world. The globally recognized Da Vinci Group also participated in the event and presented AI Doctrine’s highly professional and friendly humanoid robot Pepper. Pepper from SoftBank Robotics could amaze the visitors with its exceptional hosting and presenting skills. It could introduce the event to the audience by completely grasping their attention. Pepper’s pleasant personality and ability to disseminate the group’s vision became the highlight of the event.

Moreover, constructive talks over technology’s future were carried out to pave the way for new technological horizons. The Da Vinci Group shed light on the soccer competition using the autonomous and ingenious humanoid NAO robots and Choregraphe programming. The future of games using robotics and their positive impact on children were discussed. The ways Pepper and NAO robots could transform productivity and efficiency of the retail industry, banking, healthcare, government, and tourism were emphasized.
Da Vinci Group was established in Erbil Kurdistan Region of Iraq at the dawn of 2013. It is globally acknowledged for its contributions to the educational sector. It has partnered with Microsoft, IBO, CUP, Jolly Learning, Aptis British Council, etc. to fulfill the learning needs of the community. Ai Doctrine supports Da Vinci Group in its mission to help children keep pace with the highly technical era. Together we believe that it’s high time to adopt the revolutionizing robotics in the field of education.