Kettybot Food Delivery

Artificial Intelligence is making rounds around the world for its highly efficient solutions across a wide range of applications and industries. It helps generate innovations that play a vital role in the modern world. One of the head-turner innovations of AI is the KettyBot, the highly functional yet the most compact design robot of PUDU Robotics.

PUDU Robotics is the pioneer in the robotics world and we are its proud reseller. Ai Doctrine thrives to make the global availability of KettyBot, the latest delivery and reception robot, possible in the most cost-effective way. We are on a mission to give everyone the best way to enjoy the perks of Artificial Intelligence. Our services are available in Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, South Africa, and Kuwait.

Kettybot Food Delivery Robot for Hospitality Sectors in Kuwait

The New talk is KettyBot

KettyBot left the world stunned at its launch. It is made with a minimalist design concept to ensure enhanced agility. It’s the new face of reception and delivery in high-traffic restaurants and complex environments. The forward-inclined C shape, compact size, removable rear cover, autonomous path planning, customer-friendly AI, and ideal advertising display make it the best choice hybrid robot.

AI Miracle on the go KettyBot is your marketing expert on wheels as it grabs the ultimate attention of visitors and makes their visit to your restaurant/cafe more worthwhile. Our robot offers state-of-the-art intelligence-based services. It can pass through as narrow as 55cm clearance and simplify strenuous work. KettyBot can serve multi tables with its function of switching removable trays and can collect leftovers and plates ultimately returning them to the dishwasher.

  •  The KettyBot weighs 35 kg with a holding capacity of 30 kg.
  •  It’s available in beige yellow and salt white color and can move at a speed of 1.2m/sec.The PUDU SLAM sensors with dual positioning and navigation with laser and visual offer autonomous route mapping to help it detect obstacles and find different paths to reach the guest tables with accuracy.



It can be employed both as a receptionist and a waiter. From presenting the menu on its top-tier display to greeting and escorting visitors to tables, KettyBot is the ultimate solution to your restaurant’s needs. This charming hybrid robot has a voice interaction module that combines 360° sound localization, situational dialogues, and noise suppression technology that aids in carrying out conversations with customers.

KettyBot, in its cruise mode, can offer snacks and drinks to the guests in large gatherings, weddings, parties, corporate meetings, etc. It can simultaneously advertise services and promotions by keeping pace at a perfect speed with precision.

  •  The PUDU Scheduler system enables KettyBot to communicate with other robots in its network and proximity. KettyBot is the perfect example of, “have more with less”.
  •  KettyBoy is made to serve people which is why it has a battery that can keep it working for up to 8 hours. It is equipped with an automatic voice alert notifying when the battery is out of charge. The wondrous KettyBot can return to the docking station on its own.The recent pandemic has called out for contactless deliveries and KettyBot serves this purpose. It is the need of the hour to switch to robotics as they fulfill the demands of the contemporary world.


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