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Robots have been serving mankind since the Middle Ages but the 20th century witnessed the dawn of industrial robots that later transformed into highly professional service robots. Robots have significantly changed the working framework of industries by automating their tasks and assisting humans with accuracy. The inclusion of robots in businesses resulted in greater productivity and hence opened horizons for an array of industries to switch to robotics.
From carrying out mundane task to operating in dangerous places, robots can do it all with efficiency and precision. They have added value to people’s professional and personal lives by increasing their productivity. We, at Ai doctrine, are robot services providers in Kuwait as we comprehend the importance of artificial intelligence in Kuwait and across the globe.

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Increased ROI

The large-scale manufacturing industries of the world have successfully deployed robots and witnessed an increase in their ROI. Robots are by far the most significant advancement the world has ever seen. The robots offer novel applications across various fields. Humanoid robots are one of the revolutionary developments in the field of robotics. The humanoid robots are highly professional service robots that mimic the features and functions of humans.

  • Ai Doctrine offers AI and machine learning solutions to customers from Kuwait, KSA, Bahrain, Niger, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, and Iraq. We believe in giving people a better tomorrow and hence have partnered with globally recognized multiple robotic manufactures like SoftBank Robotics, Double Robotics, PUDU Robotics etc. to ensure the provision of industry-standard Robotics in Kuwait.
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The autonomous, programmable and innovative robots have added value to education, healthcare, hospitality, tourism, public relations, retail and automotive industries. The smart robots are meant to assist humans with their exceptional cognitive abilities and functioning. We understand that robots are indispensable in the contemporary world and hence provide cutting-edge AI Robotics Solutions in Kuwait. Our autonomous humanoid robots can seamlessly interact with the world and provide the best solution in handling strenuous tasks.

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  • Benefits Of Robotics
  • As technology advances, so does the utility of humanoid robotics in the everyday lives of humans. Our Pepper and NAO robots have transformed the education, healthcare, tourism, hospitality and automotive industries. KettyBot has changed the way restaurants operated. Double3 Telepresence robot has proved to be a miracle in remote working and distance learning. Junkbot Robotic Kit has made everyone an inventor and what not our robots are continuously changing the lives of people without getting tired for a second.
    The world is getting ahead by adapting to the culture of the new normal that encapsulates robotics. Hence, it’s high time to switch to robotics to compete with the world. Today, every industry is driven by robotics and robots are adding extra value to citizens’ lives and work environments. The dependence of industries on robotics exhibits how crucial machine learning is for the present. To make these ingenious robots available to everyone, Ai Doctrine is distributing the best AI solutions and robotics.