Aidoctrine Robotics Partner In The Digital Transformation Kuwait Conference 2022


The world is calling for a more collaborative approach that constitutes contemporary solutions to spur the growth of economies. This has opened horizons for improved customer experience and employee innovation. Transforming traditional thoughts into inventive ideas requires new mindsets that believe in enhancing productivity and performance. Digitalization goes beyond merely assisting employees to transform entire business organizations.

Digital transformation has become an integral part of businesses around the world and to ensure that Kuwait is keeping pace with the highly technical world, Ai Doctrine is participating in the biggest Digital Transformation Kuwait Conference as its robotics partner. The Digital Transformation Kuwait Conference in collaboration with the Central Agency for Information Technology – CAIT will take place from 2-3 November 2022 at Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa, Al Ta’awun Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait. More than 250 senior executives from Kuwait’s leading industries are expected to attend the insightful conference. 30+ distinguished companies will showcase their inventions and innovations in the technical world.

In line with “Kuwait Vision 2035” which advocates digital transformation as the pioneering element in achieving success, the conference aims at providing a national platform for industry leaders, startups, and stakeholders to discuss and explore emerging technologies. Kuwait is on its journey to employing smart solutions across an array of industries and thus, requires conferences led by technology experts to overcome upcoming challenges and ensure a successful digital transformation of its economy.

The two-day conference will provide a forum for speeches, presentations, and panel discussions, a VIP majlis, an exhibition of advanced technologies and transforming solutions, a live broadcast, and an award ceremony. With 25+ speakers, the conference will put the digital transformation of Kuwait under the limelight. Chiefs, VIPs, Directors, Experts, And Consultants from Ministry, Government, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Aviation Banking, IT, Data Science, Cloud Services, etc. will attend the conference to share their proven experience. The conference will help individuals with raising awareness about their brands and generate leads, making it an essential part of their industrial growth.

Digitalization has the potential to transform the operations and services of governments and industries as it provides increased productivity and greater business agility. It opens new standards for employees, customers, and shareholders. To compete with the market dynamic, digitalization is the missing piece of the puzzle as it makes communication with the target market easier and provides a seamless experience in managing and controlling data. Therefore, a platform to shed light on emerging technologies and innovations becomes indispensable for companies to understand global practices.

Ai Doctrine is the leading distributor of AI solutions and robotics in Kuwait and across the world and is recognized for providing a distinctive and effective gateway to improved growth in the contemporary world. Wem, at Ai Doctrine, comprehend that robots are poised for significant development and hence leave no stone unturned to make their access possible for everyone. We are continuously growing our network and progressively partnering with globally acknowledged companies, including SoftBank Robotics, Double Robotics, PUDU Robotics, etc. Ai Doctrine is thrilled to join the tremendous Digital Transformation Kuwait Conference as its robotics partner to show the world the many advantages of robots. Our ingenious robots are all set to amaze the audience with their breathtaking features and functions. It’s a pleasure for us to be a part of a platform that is going to provide significant insights and a sneak peek at Kuwait’s future. Our robots are made to observe, adapt and learn from surrounding data and this makes them indispensable for education, healthcare, hospitality, tourism, public relations, retail and automotive industries.