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In the contemporary world, the automation of tasks is what every industry looks for. By minimizing human input and employing robots, businesses can achieve higher levels of productivity. The highly professional autonomous robots can perform repetitive tasks, ultimately assisting humans in speeding up the completion process. With robots making a mark in an array of fields across the world, a wide range of industries are switching to robots even for cleaning purposes. During and post-COVID-19, the need for a safe and healthy space has given rise to the use of the Whiz robot.

Whiz Vacuum Robot | Aidoctrine

Whiz, the vacuuming robot, can work autonomously even in places where humans and other robots are unable to perform well. It uses a reliable AI platform and can work all day without getting tired and perform quality work on sensitive points like cleaning vertical objects. It is now widely used in schools, universities, hospitals, hotels, commercial spaces, and retail sectors. It has changed the way of commercial carpet cleaning by going beyond the concept of merely cleaning to providing healthier and hygienic environments.

The commercial collaborative vacuum sweeper, the Whiz, guarantees an efficient cleaning process that is backed by accuracy and precision. It delivers efficient performance with its dynamic features that are designed to streamline cleaning without unnecessary repetition. From tiny places to overly crowded large places, Whiz can fix and move everywhere without the risk of falling. It senses all the obstacles and autonomously changes routes to clean and reach the destination.


In places like hospitals, it assists the cleaning staff with speedy cleaning and lets patients witness a healthier hospital environment. In schools, the Whiz can quietly clean every nook and corner and give students a hundred percent safe environment to study. In crowded places, it continues to clean even the complicated areas all day every day. It never makes excuses to take an off and is always ready to make your places completely clean.

With Whiz, one doesn’t have to worry about costs and repairs. The agile co-bot helps save time and lets you complete tasks at a fast speed. It offers robust cleaning services on both hard and soft floors and ensures a contactless process that ultimately aids in achieving a healthier space that is safe for students, patients and visitors. The heavy manual vacuuming is an old man’s tale when you have the cleaning wizard that is made to deliver high standards of cleaning that you can regularly monitor. It needs very little maintenance and notifies when it has done the cleaning task.

  • Ai Doctrine comprehends the significance of automated cleaning and hence has partnered with SoftBank Robotics to add innovation to your everyday cleaning in Kuwait. We, at Ai Doctrine, are distributing distinctive robotic solutions across Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, and South Africa.
  • Our robotic solutions aim at providing clients with ease and efficiency. Our Whiz is the miraculous revolution that makes your spaces clean like never before!

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