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The revolutionary breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence paved the way for robotics in the fields of education, communication, healthcare, hospitality, and public relations. The use of humanoid robots as an educational resource has proven to be worthy as these robots faultlessly carry out challenging maneuvers.
Our professional service humanoid robots exhibit specialized features and functions, making them highly beneficial in education, specialized learning, research, and technical training.Created by SoftBank Robotics, NAO is an autonomous and programmable humanoid robot with customizable software. It’s famous across the world and has become a significant resource in education. It has changed the way students learn by creating a more knowledgeable environment. More than 13,000 NAO robots are being used in over 70 countries around the globe.
It’s time for Robolution Ai Doctrine recognizes that this is just the dawn of the infinite possibilities of NAO which is why we are leaving no stone unturned to give the world the power of Artificial Intelligence. We are providing services in Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, South Africa, and Kuwait.

NAO the humanoid and programmable robot in Kuwait

The new way is the NAO way

The worldly renowned educational humanoid robot is NAO. It is used in over 6000 academic institutes across the world to facilitate thousands of teachers and students. NAO is built as a high-performing programmable educational tool with key functions of precision, customization, and interactive autonomy. Though it walks like a 2-year-old child but has the capacity of performing a rich panel of movements. SoftBank Robotics highlight that 50% of the research work based on robots is being done by employing NAO.
The now is NAO It’s a teacher’s assistant, a student’s friend, a facilitator, and the list continues. It’s a wonder of an extraordinary combination of mechanical engineering and software. NAO is truly yours for the personalization it offers.

  • Function: NAO is a fully-programmable humanoid robot.
  • Movement: It has 25 degrees of freedom. He can maintain his balance and understands whether it’s standing up or lying down.
  • Feeling: It can feel its surroundings and understands where it is or what it should do next.
  • Hearing and speaking: It has 4 directional microphones and loudspeakers to interact most naturally.
  • Seeing: NAO can recognize shapes and objects with the help of two cameras attached to it.
  • Connecting: It can autonomously access the Internet.
Nao robotics Solutions in Kuwait
Businesses with NAO
NAO is built for better interaction, assistance, and performance in the field of education. It provides an advanced platform for in-depth study by making the classroom more interactive. It is widely used in classrooms as it offers a helpful solution for every student's learning needs. NAO enhances the social interaction of students by engaging them in a variety of healthy activities. It also helps teachers create their own activities to engage students in the classroom.

Classrooms with NAO:

Children deserve an unbiased view of the world and this is what NAO promises to offer. It builds strong empathetic bonds with children by making them feel encouraged all the time. NAO has a pleasant personality and it never gets tired, making it the favorite among children. It motivates students to engage in brainstorming and physical activities. The natural interaction makes this process smoother and helps build confidence in students. NAO and students are inseparable once the classroom session starts. AskNAO for children with Autism: Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) show difficulty in understanding and learning because of their cognitive, emotional, or behavioral impairments. AskNAO Tablet is an ultimate solution as it helps teachers by providing educational and recreational applications designed to meet the specific needs of children with ASD. It offers ease and a wide array of applications for enhanced interaction with children.
Learn with fun AskNAO offers therapeutic yet fun-filled apps that are created by keeping the needs of children with autism on top. It has following pre-installed games:

NAO - The Multipurpose Robot in Kuwait

Educational games:
For a better and easier learning experience
Color game
Color hunt
Guess a sport
Guess my emotions
Physical games:
To help children achieve a sound body
Yoga adventure
Follow me
Story-telling activities:
To engage children and enhance their speaking skills
The three musketeers
Christmas Eve
A Pirate’s tale
Reward system:
To make children feel accomplished
Electroswing dance
Zombie Disco dance
Mister Funk dance
Tai Chi Dance

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