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Smart Queuing Solution

In this fast-paced world where every second of every minute matters, people hate the frustratingly long queues. The outbreak of COVID-19, long waiting time, over-crowding, and social distancing are some of the many reasons that demanded a smart solution to the exhausting problem of physical queues. The world has transformed and adapted to the innovations of Artificial Intelligence, giving way to addressing the issue by employing AI.

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Virtual Queuing Solution

Smart Queuing Solution or generally known as a virtual queuing solution offers a seamless experience to your customers by offering them contactless queues where they can book an appointment without coming to the branch, and you can notify them via SMS. It helps you monitor the progress and get feedback without the hassle of meeting the customer in person. The solution is right in the palm of your customers’ hand, empowering them to have a remarkable experience.

  • Ai Doctrine offers the incredible Smart Queuing Solution to enhance your customer service, ultimately giving you more meaningful data for the success of your business.
  • Our solution provides convenience to your customers resulting in positive feedback. We are offering our smart queuing solution in Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, South Africa, and Kuwait.
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No one likes crowded waiting rooms with endless waiting hours. Smart Queuing solutions offer a better way of empowering your customers to book their appointments on the mobile application. In this way, they experience freedom in choosing the time and date slot, giving your staff ample time to plan and manage customers more productively. Mobile Appointment: The mobile appointment booking also helps in managing your customers per counter as the appointments are booked in advance on the mobile app or web. You can also control and limit customers, leading to efficient customer service. NO CROWDING WITH SMS NOTIFICATION The pandemic has given concrete reasons to avoid crowded places and it’s an obligation to ensure that your business is taking all the precautionary measures to minimize physical contact. The SMS notification is a great way to manage customers by alerting them with a notification when their turn comes. This way, the customers can have a safe experience with no health risks. This simple yet effective way offers convenience and ease to your customers as they can only visit your branch when they are notified to. CONTACTLESS SERVICE WITH QR CODE Saying “no” to your walk-in customers is a big no for your business. This is why we are offering a QR code that you can display outside your branch. The code offers a list of services for the customers to choose from. This results in an automatic generation of virtual queues. This empowers your customers with a contactless experience.

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  • Gone are the days when feedback devices were used. Mobile feedback is the smartest way of getting feedback as it ensures the safety and convenience for your customers.

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