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The worldwide pandemic has transformed the way we used to work and learn. It has given rise to remote working and distance learning. The “Double3” robot by Double Robotics, a leading company from the USA, is the new face of telepresence. It provides an innovative and productive level of interaction, enabling you to move with full freedom during videoconferencing.

Robotic Telepresence [Double 3] | Double3 Robot in Kuwait


Ai Doctrine is your one-stop platform for all the revolutionary services of professional robotics. We are the leading resellers of Double Robotics, making your remote jobs easy and prolific. Our professional service robots are available in Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, South Africa, and Kuwait.

Double3 is the future of how we are going to work and it’s high time to transform your remote jobs and learning experiences.


The Game-Changing Hybrid Office

Your workspace makes you creative and focused but staying home and gathering all remote workers for a video chat can be a bit tiresome. We all have been through it and can say how difficult it is to schedule conferences on video chat. Double3 is inarguably your only support in making your remote job a success.

Double3 Telepresence Robot is an autonomous, two-wheeled, remote-controlled, and self-navigating robot that is industry-standard in hybrid work environments and remote jobs. It has revolutionized the way remote jobs happen around the world. With Double3, you can roam freely anywhere without the stress of scheduling a conference or a meeting.

  •  It’s always switched on and ready to take the burden of your exhausting job. It makes your physical presence more real with sufficient bandwidth in the virtual environment ultimately making your interaction with the remote team more efficient.
  •  Double3 Telepresence Robot has a built-in monitor, self-navigation, and hindrance avoidance features that help you to safely reach your selected area on the screen. Driving your Double3 means you are freely going to places without having the stress of travel. You can go to the office, visit family, attend events or go to classrooms with no hassle. The conventional mixed-reality driver’s interface enables enhanced interactions. It showcases a massive leap in technology that incorporates a fully-integrated solution using the latest GPU technology, two high-resolution cameras, depth sensors, pan/tilt/zoom video, and a beam-forming microphone array. It offers a highly immersive remote experience to everyone whether they are a pro at driving it or are beginners.


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