Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future and it’s high time to let your children learn the impeccable AI. It’s possible only when the children get to add their own imaginations to it. We, at Ai Doctrine, have partnered with Junkbot to distribute the innovative and creative Junkbot robotic kit. The unique Junkbot robotic kit is all that you need to build a working robot from scratch. Our distributing channels are recognized across Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, and South Africa.

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Build your own robot

The functions of Do It Yourself Junkbot Robotic kit is apparent from its name. Junk means anything that you don’t need and your children can transform it into a functional robot. With Junkbot Robotic kit, you can make real life robots from old paper cups, plastic bottles, DVD’s, cardboard, wooden utensils or any waste at home. It is not merely a play kit but a tool that enables children to understand the Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEM) concepts of problem solving, analytical thinking, lateral thinking and building, and prototyping by making their unique creativity functional in the form of a robot using a simple circuit and some recyclable junk. These robots can perform an array of functions depending on their levels of difficulty. It’s an amazing classroom activity where you can build and play with robots as a team.

Bring your child’s imaginations to reality There’s an inventor in every child’s brain. It’s time to transform it into reality. Let your child invent the most creative robot!


One platform for all learning needs

STEM is the future and the world agrees. Give your child a single platform that is made to make your child learn the core of STEM by keeping them engaged effectively.

Build, learn and get ahead With Junkbot, your kid is all set to stand out with outstanding imaginative capabilities that can truly transform into functional ones.

  • Unlimited projects to make you as innovative as you can.
  •  Free access to online project videos and ebook download.


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