Humanoid Robots in Kuwait | How smart machines are already the future?

The world has witnessed miraculous revolutions ever since the dawn of the industrial revolution when the workforce was transformed and manual jobs were switched to automated ones. It paved innumerable ways for creativity and productivity while also opening horizons for new skills that could meet contemporary demands. What changed the way we used to view the work environment was artificial intelligence. AI, in no time, became a part of our daily lives whether personal or professional. Everyone started relying on artificial intelligence technologies and these technologies provided foundations for smart machines to blossom in all industries across the world. From manufacturing, surgery, security, and deliveries to learning, therapy, and service industries, AI and robotics are moving ahead towards automating knowledge worker tasks once seen as impossible for machines to perform human actions.

The spread of AI technologies provided the world with AI humanoid robots, ingenious personal assistant robots, and advanced artificial intelligence systems that are the reason to make smart machines the true call of our future. Therefore, in the current era, the businesses that opt for smart machines are leading the industries for their efficiency which sets them apart from the rest. Businesses and corporations enthusiastically seek to optimize their product’s efficiency with the goal to enhance their brand’s image and improve retention rates. All businesses whether big or small and old or new are employing advance AI technologies to compete with the market. They are expanding skills to move up the corporate ladder and transform the human work environment by incorporating AI robots. Hence, it becomes imperative for corporations to bring unique ideas in order to promote their names and sales and it is possible only with the help of smart machines.

A range of industries is inclined to employ advanced mobility solutions and automation of assigned tasks is adamant in the present era. The automation of processes and smart machines are thereby the need of the hours as these advanced AI technologies can provide better support and help in carrying our mundane and strenuous tasks that at times are unable to be completed by human force. The core aim of the automation of services is not to replace humans but to assist humans to achieve successful outcomes.

Robotics and artificial intelligence are indispensable for the future and the infinite possibilities they bring can truly transform the future. Let’s take the example of a vacuum cleaner AI to better comprehend the many benefits it can bring to your lives and workstations. The highly autonomous and self-navigating vacuum robotic machine is easy to use, incredibly efficient, saves time, works on all surfaces, is compact and fast. It can avoid obstacles on its own and move to spaces that even humans can’t reach. For its countless benefits, it’s being used across the globe. Therefore, the business that opts for smart machines like these is saving big bucks that they were spending on people who get tired and have a bundle of excuses.

The highly professional and intelligent robot Pepper is the wonder of artificial intelligence. The AI humanoid robot Pepper is a gateway to efficient administration in the government sector. It’s a multifunctional robot that offers a promising user experience and is widely accepted by citizens across the world. It is known for never getting tired during repetitive tasks and ultimately assists the staff to do more productive work where it handles the mundane duties of repeating information and replying to customers’ queries. Pepper manages the waiting times of the public and welcomes them in the friendliest way.  It promptly enhances the administrative process, strengthens relationships among stakeholders, and builds trust in the government sector’s services. Pepper also provides efficient support in collecting a large amount of public data and feedback to improve services. It can work as a receptionist, communicator, service provider, and survey conductor in government. With Pepper, the public tends to enjoy a pleasant experience ultimately leading to enhanced loyalty towards the government sector.

The contributions of Pepper to the healthcare industry can never be denied. From remotely monitoring patients, entertaining and welcoming patients, and reducing the stress of medical staff to scheduling appointments and confirming the availability of required medicine in the pharmacy, Pepper can do all these strenuous tasks without neglecting a single one. It can file the insurance, keeps a record, and enhance the securing of patients all at the same time. There’s a significant number of patients with no daily visitors, family members, or acquaintances. For these patients, the Pepper robot can provide the ultimate companionship by reminding them to take their medicines on time and impressively attending to all the beds by going from one bed to the other with accuracy and precision. This way, the smart machine Pepper can interact with the patients and remind them of the good old memories via its visual display. Therefore, investing in Pepper saves both cost and energy. The AI impact on healthcare is leading the way to a healthier hospital environment.

Humanoid robots are the best choice for children with special needs as they are better receptors for robotics. The early intervention of robotics in the lives of children with ASD and ADHD can help transform the mental growth of children as they are a great way to carry out therapeutic sessions.

The retail industry is flourishing with every passing day and employing Pepper is one of the most effective ways to achieve higher sales with enhanced brand loyalty. Pepper’s pleasant personality can help you win a fortune in the retail industry as it can convince the walk-in customers to buy the product by accurately comprehending their age, gender, and buying aptitude. Pepper can encourage  impulsive buying behavior by offering them exclusive discounts in the most spectacular way that the customers can’t say “no” to. With Pepper, the stock can’t stay for too long as it truly boosts the sales in no time.

In a business where employees work remotely and can’t visit certain places for their hazardous environments and unsafe temperatures, the game-changing Double3 Telepresence robot does the needful. It is an autonomous, two-wheeled, remote-controlled, and self-navigating robot that is industry standard in hybrid work environments, remote jobs, and distance learning. It is a great aid for terminally ill students who opt for distance learning as with the Double3 robot that can be present in their classrooms in the best physical yet virtual way.

Moreover, robotics advisory with the use of artificial intelligence in robotics could be a really great way to enhance services in a financial bank or in  telecom sector. Pepper can greet customers and provide accurate information regarding their query. customers can select from an array of options displayed on the screen regarding promotions, lease plans, insurances, etc. Pepper can precisely and quickly offer them the best possible option that matches their need.

Kuwait is moving ahead by increasingly transforming into a country where robots and artificial intelligence are leading the way. Every industry is driven by AI technology and robots are adding extra value to citizens’ lives and work environments. The dependence of all sectors of society on AI exhibits how crucial smart machines are for the present. To make these smart machines available to everyone, Ai Doctrine is partnering with globally renowned corporations to distribute cutting-edge AI solutions and robotics.

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