Humanoid Robot Company in Kuwait

What do you picture in mind when you hear the word “robot”? Do you see a clever looking metallic figure that makes an ear-piercing noise or do you see a bunch of robots ready to overtake the human race? This is what the world has imagined robots to be, but the reality may sound different to what was expected. Contrary to the popular belief that robots would replace humans, they are actually providing cutting-edge assistance to people. The rapid advances of technology have transformed the way robots work, as today, robots have gone beyond working merely in manufacturing industries to doing social work by interacting with people.

Robotics is a field that fascinates all young and old because of the infinite possibilities that it offers. From doing repetitive and dangerous tasks to becoming people’s companion, robots are one of the most trusted tools across an array of industries. Businesses around the world are adopting the revolutionary robotics to automate everyday tasks, as robots can autonomously act and complete every task, no matter how mundane it is, without taking a break. Every industry is eager to discover the exceptional services the robots have to offer and hence there’s a rapid increase in the demand for robotic solutions.

The innovation in robotics has led to the creation of humanoid robots that can emulate human features and functions to perfection. These robots can act and think like humans and are a great aid to achieve efficiency in any workplace. Humanoid robots come with a pair of legs, not wheels, and are interactive, intuitive and friendly. They add value by automating tasks, increasing productivity and performance, and saving costs. The World Economic Forum has predicted an increase in the utilization of robotic solutions that will create millions of new jobs around the world.

Humanoid robots have refined the lives of employees by carrying out countless complex tasks and solving problems that were considered impossible to solve. The smart, intelligent robots offer a multitude of services to provide ease and reduce staff stress. In vulnerable situations, these service robots provide efficient support and help in reducing the risks humans might face otherwise. They have cognitive abilities to understand feelings and hence help humans in better interaction.

To make exceptional robotic solutions accessible to all, Ai Doctrine is providing ingenious robots in Kuwait and across Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, and South Africa. We are an AI humanoid robots company that is recognized for providing cutting-edge AI solutions and robots. Being the leading humanoid robot solutions and services company, we help you keep pace with the rapidly evolving technological era and make you a part of the robot revolution. 

To make your conferences, exhibitions, and seminars the talk of the town, Ai Doctrine has smart service robots for events and other occasions. Our robots lead events by hosting them to perfection, entertaining guests, disseminating brand promotions, and giving people an unforgettable experience. One of our professional service robots is the NAO robot, which is a fully autonomous robot equipped with the power to take independent decisions. The human-like design allows it to perform an exemplary role in specialized education. It’s a companion for children with special needs and plays an exemplary role in the therapy sessions of children with ASD and ADHD. The NAO robot is also a game-changing player on the soccer field and provides a contemporary way of learning for students.

Ai Doctrine’s most popular customer service robot, Pepper, is a one-in-all-solution for a wide range of industries. Whether it’s hospitality, tourism, healthcare, education or the automotive industry, Pepper knows the right way to greet, meet, guide and entertain customers. It stays vigilant and is quick to answer all the customers’ queries. It efficiently introduces your brand to the customers and provides a detailed overview of the products and services you offer. It also takes feedback and is an ultimate tool to store, understand, and analyze large data. Pepper is a host, a friend, a sales assistant and a brand ambassador and it works 24X7 without getting tired.

Our smart healthcare robots Pepper and NAO are always ready to assist medical staff by scheduling patients’ visits, giving them hospital tours, storing patients’ records and providing support in the treatment process. The ingenious robots also keep patients motivated and take care of them round the clock. From assisting in surgery to physical therapy to emotionally supporting patients, these robots provide unparalleled support in sickness and in health.

In crowded restaurants, our delivery robot, the Kettybot, provides the services of both a receptionist and a waiter. It can autonomously greet customers, take them to their tables, show them the menu, take orders, deliver food and remove leftovers. It’s a great tool to grasp visitors’ attention and stay on its wheels all day long.

Thanks to robotics, businesses around the world are now able to adopt full automation and this transition has significantly improved products and services. Millions of people are enjoying the perks the robots bring and so can you!

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