Robotics In Education Revolutionizing The Future

The advances in artificial intelligence and robotics are bringing imminent and innovative transitions in almost every walk of life. It is evident from the technology that a child experiences today in contrast with that of their parent’s lives. The promising possibilities of AI and robotics in reshaping our future have been explored to an extent that led to the creation of a number of professional service robots. These robots have a significant long-term impact on education, healthcare, tourism, hospitality, public relations, and automotive industries. Robotics, in particular, has the ability to change the way we view the world. To make these ingenious robots accessible to all, Ai Doctrine is distributing the worldly renowned AI solutions and robots across Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, and South Africa.

Robotics in Education: A Transforming Tomorrow

The continuous developments in robotics have grasped the attention of the education sector and educators are now exploring ways to utilize robots in their classrooms. However, the integration of robotics in education is nothing new as the utility of AI and robotics has been researched and discussed for more than 30 years. Robotics, therefore, is considered to be one of the striking reasons that have revolutionized the world.

Learning is not merely confined to classroom sessions but goes beyond a child’s ways of socialization, language competencies, and other fundamental skills. Introduction to robots, at this stage, can bring revolutionary changes to the child’s learning outcomes and behavioral patterns. Therefore, modern classrooms are adopting highly beneficial robots to keep pace with the contemporary world. Robots are the physical, social, and emotional interfaces that can read and understand students’ facial expressions, ultimately providing better interaction.

Robots, therefore, are becoming an essential part of the education system from primary level education to research and development. They have undoubtedly shown impressive outcomes in academia, making them indispensable for schools, colleges, and universities. Robots can act as exceptional mentors and students’ assistants by offering improved interaction that eradicates the possibilities of isolation. Education robots in Kuwait are changing the conventional techniques of teaching by making the classrooms more interactive and creative.

Pepper, NAO, and Double3 Telepresence Robot are our educational robots recognized for proving better educational opportunities for students, autistic kids, STEM education, and distance learning.

Introducing NAO and Pepper Robots

Pepper, the highly professional service humanoid robot, was created in 2014 by SoftBank Robotics. It can surprisingly analyze human facial expressions and gestures with perfection and can respond to human emotions with accuracy. It is used widely in education, healthcare, hospitality, tourism, automotive, and retail industries.

NAO, another extremely professional service humanoid robot, was created in 2006 by SoftBank Robotics. It is an autonomous robot that can see, hear, speak, move independently, and touch, making it interact with students with precision.

Pepper and NAO Robots for Education

Pepper and NAO offer exciting learning experiences by keeping the students engaged without losing their interest in subjects that seem boring otherwise. The significance of the use of humanoid robots in today’s world can’t be denied as they have proved to be vulnerable in classrooms. They offer effective problem-solving and accurate guidance, which makes the educational robot market a competitive one. Every educational institute is anxious to employ robots to innovate and excel.

  • For Early Childhood Education

Our distinguished Pepper and NAO improve interest and interaction skills in children. They offer effective learning by ensuring a longer concentration span and higher levels of engagement in the classroom. Robotic assistance provides a positive learning environment where children could learn and play in the form of a team ultimately helping them achieve their goals in a teamwork effort. This encourages children to learn more effectively than the conventional classroom sessions.

  • For STEAM Education

The STEAM education incorporates science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics as the stepping stones to students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and dialogue competencies. It’s a crucial yet difficult approach for preschool children and embracing robotics at this stage is highly beneficial. The smart and ingenious Pepper and NAO robots provide unwavering support and extraordinary opportunities to help children learn about STEAM concepts. The humanoid robots unveil exciting ways to minimize the gap between teacher and student by becoming effective moderators to carry out learning and engaging classroom tasks.

The basic and strenuous STEAM curriculum can be made enjoyable by fusing it with our NAO robot. It goes beyond the boundaries of merely delivering lectures to exciting actions and gestures that improve the learning outcomes. It helps develop basic cognitive skills at an early age. With NAO, young students can learn language learning with ultimate ease. The human-robot interaction offers an unbiased and intelligent view of the world, making students more inclined towards robots.

  • For Autistic kids

Autism is a neurological and developmental disorder that affects a person’s ability to interact with others. Autistic children often have trouble socializing with people, understanding the expressions of others, and answering social questions.  Students with autism have shown opening up to robots more than other human beings. Our social robots enable autistic children to interact at their own pace without burdening them with the pressure of engaging with people.

The high-performing Pepper and NAO robots create an empathetic bond with autistic kids and are loved by them for their friendly personalities, compact bodies, and human-like behaviors. These robots offer emotional support to help reduce shyness, frustration, and un-confidence by improving the social skills and attitudes of children with autism.

  • For Teachers’ Assistance

Our versatile Pepper and NAO robots offer advanced platforms for in-depth research, autonomous navigation, and cognitive computing. They are known to be teachers’ best assistants for their unparalleled visual and intuitive interfaces to meet instructional goals. They allow teachers to customize classroom activities more productively. The humanoid robots disseminate academic information and awareness more accurately and broaden students’ knowledge.

Double3 Telepresence Robot: Distance Learning made Easier

The wake of COVID-19 opened horizons for distance learning which was the only effective way to avoid academic gaps but it also worsened the learning patterns and mental health of students. Our Double 3 revolutionizes remote learning and improves the social presence of students in their classrooms. The telepresence robot enabled students to be present in multiple places virtually. The robot is like a miracle on wheels that makes distance learning more real and effective. Students can participate in classroom activities without physically going to school, making the whole distance learning experience a successful one.

Ai Doctrine understands the significance of these revolutionary robots and leaves no stone unturned to provide their extraordinary services to everyone.

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