Customer Visit Management (CVM) solutions in Kuwait

Customers’ loyalty is the true essence of the success of any organization.  Their satisfaction is considered the lifeblood of all businesses whether small or big. The rapid advances in technology and the tremendous amount of clients’ data called for innovative solutions that could transform the customer experience whilst visiting the brand’s franchises.  With a greater number of customers, comes a greater responsibility to attend to them in the most peculiar manner by ensuring ways that could minimize any lags in customer service. Ai Doctrine is recognized for distributing the best innovative technological solutions in Kuwait. We are providing the most advanced and top-notch Customer Visit Management Solutions to our esteemed clients to enable them in handling their customers’ visits before they step into their branch’s premises.

In recent years, companies from across the world have invested in Customer Visit Management System which is a technological innovation to build promising customer relationships by deploying AI technology that ensures successful sales, promotions, and service to achieve client satisfaction. Customer Visit

Management is a highly regarded feature of Customer relationship management (CRM). Whether a company is opting for B2B or B2C marketing, customer visit management gives it a competitive edge in the market. Ai Doctrine comprehends that enhanced customer experience is the key to success and hence provides the worldly renowned Customer Visit Management System by SEDCO.

The Center of Attention!

Customer centricity is not a new phenomenon but has been in debate for years. With every passing day, there are innovations that knock at your door. The advances in technology have given rise to the automation of client service. The foundation to grow a customer community lies in the management of customer experiences by employing contemporary strategies. Customer Visit Management System fills the gaps between customer services and offers convenience with efficiency.

CVM for Extraordinary Customer Experience

Ai Doctrine’s CVM is a comprehensive software product that manages and streamlines your customer’s experience before, during, and after their visit. It helps accelerate the service process and fulfill the client’s expectations with accuracy and precision. Our customer visit management system helps inform, educate and entertain customers by ensuring higher ROI, enhanced sales, and conversion of promotions.

We, at Ai Doctrine, distribute the cutting-edge modules of CVM to make our clients win the skies of success. The modules incorporate smart queuing solutions, self-service kiosks, appointment management solutions, virtual meetings management, digital signage, and customer feedback. With our customer visit management system in Kuwait, companies get ultimate control over welcoming their customers, obtaining insight about customers’ requirements, and learning sale trends on the basis of their past experiences.

  • Branch Automation

The revolutionary Customer Visit Management System efficiently manages the customer visit from the moment they step into your branch until they leave without getting assisted by sales personnel. It provides appointment management solutions to reduce long waiting hours and helps customers in booking their appointments at the convenience of their homes. 

  • Smart Queuing Solution

Before visiting the branch, customers get to see the nearest branches and services available, the number of people in queues, and waiting time and hence decide the branch of their choice. Customers can also get a digital ticket from their mobile phones before reaching the branch. They get notified when their turn comes by reminders. Our Queuing management Solutions guarantee a stronger bond with customers as they reduce the overwhelming queues’ waiting time. Smart Queuing solutions empower your customers to book their appointments on the mobile application to experience freedom in choosing the time and date slot of their choice.

  • Self-Service Kiosks

Upon arrival, customers can select the services displayed on the self-service kiosks. They can easily get identified by a QR code or branch’s card. The kiosks help customers to enjoy a seamless and fuss-free experience. The kiosks can be served for quick as well as for long waiting services.

FASTSERV® Kiosks Series reduces long lines and deliver a quick and engaging experience to every customer that doesn’t require seating. It’s widely used for the issuance of banking cards, money deposits, printing, etc.

CONSULTA® Kiosks Series is an out-of-the-box solution for services that require time. It’s like your desk employee but with more efficiency. It’s used for long waiting services like opening new bank accounts that require information.

  • Digital Signage

Marketing is all about disseminating the right message to the right people at the right time and our CVM’s digital signage features ensure to provide targeted advertisement to waiting customers depending on their likes, demographics, and purchasing trends. With digital signage, any business can carry out promotions in a successful way by entertaining clients.

  • Customer Feedback

CVM offers customization of questions to get feedback from clients. The feedback thus helps to generate customer satisfaction reports. Gone are the days when customers used to give feedback manually as now is the time for mobile feedback. After the customers leave the branch, they receive a notification on their phones to evaluate the service with ease.

Customer Visit Management System also helps in developing the most effective performance operation strategy by analyzing the past trends, utilization reports, and traffic reports. It forecasts future trends and suggests solutions to the prevailing problems. It generates branch performance reports and assists in comparing the productivity rate between two branches.

Data mining inside huge databases can easily be done by our CVM. It translates the hidden meaning behind your data and provides reports on the relation between two causal factors. It helps in controlling the present performance to avoid the failures of past performances. Not only that, it also predicts future trends, problems, and viable solutions.

Ai Doctrine comprehends the need for customer visit management as the retail and banking industries are expanding with every passing day. We tirelessly work to provide an extensive, smart in-branch solution-CVM- that is equipped with automated features for enhanced customer service. We are a leading of SEDCO Customer Visit Management (CVM) solution, presently providing innovative technological solutions in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, and South Africa.

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