Queue Management System

Queue Management Process QMS 600i

The retail and banking industries are expanding with every passing day, seeking innovative ways to grasp and retain customers’ attention. It’s possible only when the first visit of your customer is catered with perfection and that comes from Queue Management Process - An extensive, smart in-branch solution equipped with automated queuing management, central data management, digital signage, and customer identification functions.

Ai Doctrine is the regional distributor of Queue Management Process (QMS) solution, presently providing innovative technological solutions in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, and South Africa.

AI Doctrine - Queue Management System

Customers Operations

An impeccable customer experience in your branch is the key to further developing long-lasting customer relationships. Our Queue Management Process (QMS) solution manages and improves customer operations throughout the whole process. It helps identify profitable clients and streamlines their journey. With QMS, the customers visiting your branch get a sequentially numbered queuing ticket with a single touch. They can then relax without the hassle of waiting and standing for countless hours. In the meanwhile, they get to see targeted ads ultimately leading to more sales. They are informed when it’s their turn directly from the system with the help of a number display and a voice message notification. Your VIP customers can get a quick treatment by merely swiping their cards.

The Queue Management Process (QMS) solution gives you comprehensive control over your business performance as it collects statistical data from every branch and monitors customer interests and feedback.


It’s time to go digital

With our QMS solution, you can serve more customers with more efficiency, give your customers the convenience they deserve, monitor your progress more efficiently, get accurate feedback, become a source of ease, information, and entertainment for your customers, and get a guaranteed ROI.By choosing our QMS solution for your business, you’re moving towards a promised future where you will be able to make successful business decisions .


Main System Features

  • The Queue Processor integrates the functions performed by several devices into one. This approach offers several significant advantages: cost savings on hardware, software and maintenance, reduce energy usage and space utilization.
  • System monitoring, reporting and control are performed over the web browser and software installation on client PC is not needed.
  • Automatic and dynamic configuration on counter services help to optimize counter performance and minimize customers’ waiting time.
  • Customers are identified through card or biometric reader, thus enabling the staff to greet them and also to retrieve their particulars, profile and past transaction histories from host database.
    Such information better equip the staff to serve the customers.
  • QoS feedbacks are integared, using questionnaires on interactive customer terminals. Customer rating information is accessible in real time.
  • Integrated WiFi technology helps to minimize cabling and thus installation costs. It also comes in handy when it is impossible to lay cable, especially on existing site.


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