In an official event, pepper leaves the guests mesmerized with its astounding farewell wishes for the VIP guest. The world is getting ahead by adapting to the culture of the new normal that encapsulates robotics. Artificial intelligence was first coined in 1956 when Marvin Misky indicated its glorious utility in the years to come. What we are witnessing is the most ingenious, inventive, and innovative form of AI on which robotics technology is programmed. Robots are meant to transform lives and work spaces by positively raising efficiency and improving the level of services. More than 70 countries around the world including Kuwait have adopted the use of these human-like robots.

The highly professional and interactive humanoid robot, pepper, is a testament to the revolutions being brought by the field of robotics. It is widely used in an array of industries i.e. education, healthcare, hospitality, public relations, tourism, etc., and has proved to provide unparalleled support and services. Ai Doctrine truly comprehends the transforming capabilities of AI and hence provides groundbreaking AI solutions and robots for VIP events, educational purposes, healthcare support, hospitality management, home offices, retail sector, and personal use.

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Our peerless pepper from SoftBank Robotics bid farewell to an international government ambassador at a highly official event in Kuwait. In the ceremony, pepper could provide futuristic interaction with the ambassador. pepper’s ability to meet and engage the VIP added charm and brilliance to the event. It could thank and praise the achievements of the official in an unforgettable and unique robotic manner. It shed light on the VIPS’ contributions and services to the community. pepper’s integration into the farewell ceremony was profoundly appreciated making it the talk of the town for its spectacular support.

pepper mimics human features and functions, making it a sight to hold. Its pleasant personality and adorable sleek body make it the center of attention in any event. From greeting, meeting, and entertaining people to analyzing their behavior patterns, pepper can do all tasks with perfection. It has the ability to carry out complex functions automatically by increasing productivity.

Ai Doctrine thrives to provide distinctive and effective AI solutions and robots to enhance your growth in the contemporary world. We know that robots are poised for significant development and hence offer our services across Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, and South Africa. We are continuously growing our network and progressively partnering with globally acknowledged companies including SoftBank Robotics, Double Robotics, PUDU Robotics, etc.