Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Company Delves into the Ideal Benefits

Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Company Delves into the Ideal Benefits of Ai Doctrine’s Pepper and Double3 Robots

A leading dairy company in Kuwait explores Ai Doctrine’s Pepper and Double3 robots to revolutionize its productivity and efficiency.
In an official event held in Kuwait, the Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Company investigated the prospects of deploying worldly recognized Pepper and Double3 robots in its work framework. Ai Doctrine presented its spectacular robots to the industry leader KDD and made them witness the cutting-edge features of the highly professional robots.
During the event, the humanoid robot Pepper of SoftBank Robotics won the attention of representatives of KDD by completing the assigned tasks and displaying the advertising material in the most astonishing way. Pepper is one of the finest robots that mimic human actions and is considered to be an effective marketing tool. Its high-resolution display can spread advertisement by attracting the audience and enhancing the product’s visibility. Pepper could display the various products of KDD by creatively highlighting their features, usage, and benefits. It was able to get the ultimate attention of the guests and became the highlight of the day for creating a memorable experience.

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Moreover, the infinite possibilities of Double3 were also discussed as how it could transform and enhance the management operations of the factory. It was highlighted that the telepresence robot could become indispensable when the executive management could be offsite. By using the double3 robot, they could manage to self-drive the robot and go to a particular site where it was unsafe for a human such as severe freezing temperatures or in a heated environment.

KDD representatives also explored the working of hybrid offices using Double3 and showed great interest in the efficiency and productivity it could offer. Hybrids offices are the contemporary ways to ensure maximum creativity that too from the convenience of employees’ homes. After the outbreak of COVID-19, hybrid offices became the ultimate way to achieve contactless yet seamless workflow. Pepper and Double3 robots could provide a gateway to soaring productivity and ROI. Robots are transforming an array of industries, making the leading names adopt this wonder of artificial intelligence.
Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Company (KDD) has a legacy of providing quality dairy and food products and has been in this business for over 50 years. It produces and distributes a vast variety of dairy products, ice creams, natural fruit juices, and fruit drinks, as well as a variety of culinary products. It’s currently operating in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, and India.