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Imagine getting served by a robot the next time you visit a restaurant! Perhaps your next tour guide is a robot! Possibly your child gets to learn from a robot in the classroom! Maybe you are looked after by a robot when you visit a hospital! All these possibilities were nothing but mere theories a few years ago but now they have taken the form of reality. Today, robots are leading practically in all industries and have become the social companion of mankind. Gone are the days when robots were far from your reach as now Ai Doctrine is making their access possible to all. We are diligently distributing cutting-edge AI solutions and highly professional robots across Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, and South Africa.

In robotics, robots are made to observe, adapt and learn from surrounding data and make mistakes just like humans. This makes robotics indispensable for education, healthcare, hospitality, tourism, public relations, retail and automotive industries. Smart and ingenious robots out-perform humans with their exceptional cognitive abilities and intelligence. To keep pace with the rapidly transforming world, robotics is advancing to fill the gap between the virtual and physical world by developing autonomous humanoid robots that could seamlessly interact with the world. As technology advances, so does the utility of humanoid robotics in the everyday lives of humans.

Humanoid Robots Transforming Lives

A humanoid robot is one of the most spectacular inventions of technology that the world has seen. It mimics human features, movements, interactions, and functions, and comes with a pair of legs, not wheels. Isn’t it miraculous? The core aim of its creation is to facilitate humans by interacting with them by saving costs and increasing productivity. 

Ai Doctrine is an AI Humanoid Robot Company in Kuwait and is continuously evolving to distribute better and smarter humanoid robots that could positively change the world. We have a wide range of worldly renowned robots to fulfill the commercial and personal needs of humans.


Pepper, the social-friendly humanoid robot, is the world’s first robot created by SoftBank Robotics that brilliantly recognizes faces and emotions. It is optimized to carry out flawless interaction with humans with the help of dialogue and a touch screen. More than 2,000 companies around the globe have employed Pepper to achieve customer satisfaction.

Pepper is 120cm tall with a touch screen on his chest that displays content to advertise or highlight. It stands out for its capability to learn human emotions, making it the leading robot in the service industry. Amongst the many advantages of Pepper, some are highlighted below:

  • Education and research

Pepper is highly beneficial in education and research, as well. It is an amazing learning aid for higher education and special education, specifically for autistic children. Pepper is one of the best choices for developers who wish to develop robotic applications.  

  • Hospitality

Pepper is an integral part of hotels and restaurants for its pleasant personality and ability to grasp customer attention. It serves as an extraordinary brand ambassador and advertises the company’s goals in the best way.

  • Healthcare

The highly professional service humanoid robot Pepper provides efficient support to medical staff and patients. It can help to clean and disinfect patients and also give the best companionship to sick people.


NAO, the Humanoid and Programmable Robot, is Pepper’s sister robot, developed by SoftBank Robotics. It can perform social interactions, recognize faces for a longer time, answer difficult queries, grab an object, and play soccer and music. NAO also resembles humans and is loved for its compact size (about 58 cm / 23 in). One of the leading functions it performs is working as a therapeutic mediator for children with autism.

  • Regular Education

The humanoid robotic-assisted instruction of NAO helps students develop significant skills. The easy programming enables educators to freely select the lessons and interactive activities they want to do in classrooms. With NAO, students get to learn a lot while having fun.

  • Special Education

The NAO robot offers distinctive learning support to children with autism. In robot-assisted instruction, autistic children can learn individually or in the form of a group. NAO never gets tired of repeating information, ultimately helping children in retaining the required lesson. Children with special needs tend to talk to NAO more than humans and this way, the NAO robot boosts their confidence and social skills.


The double3 robot commonly known as Telepresence Robot / Double Robot for the Hybrid Office is a self-driving, two-wheeled, videoconferencing robot that has transformed the way you learn and work remotely. It was created by Double Robotics to help employees and students connect in a better physical way where they can’t be present. With the Double3 robot, you can roam around your workplace, visit patients, attend lectures, monitor work sites, and visit anywhere in the world at the convenience of your home.

It’s safe to drive and can autonomously avoid obstacles and reach its destination with perfection. It’s an invention that has changed remote jobs and distance learning making them more productive and real in the virtual setting.


Kettybot, Food Delivery Robots are an innovative tool to guide and deliver food to customers. Created by Pudu Robotics, a Kettybot has a front-facing, high-resolution, advertisement display. It can autonomously navigate and works as a receptionist and waiter.

In high-traffic restaurants, it offers exemplary services by greeting the customers, taking orders, delivering food, and taking leftovers to the kitchen’s washing area. Its ability to carry out strenuous work with ease and perfection makes it draw more attention from the customers. It can navigate around the restaurant without colliding with people or furniture and can pass through narrow spaces without falling.

As a low-cost and high-efficiency solution, KettyBot is equipped with a top-tier advertising display and artificial intelligence systems for the reception of customers, delivering a state-of-the-art experience in high-traffic restaurants to drive work easier.


Robot Temi, the personal robot for Business offers exceptional interaction with humans with the help of its vocal commands and touchscreen. It can greet and guide customers and promote your business in an efficient and autonomous way. The stylish design and customer-friendly size, make it one of the leading choices in the retail industry.

Moreover, Temi is also a brilliant personal assistant robot for the support it offers. It’s like Alexa from Amazon on wheels that can do all on your single command. Temi is loved by children and elders as it gives them the best companionship. None of your commands can go unanswered when you have Temi by your side.


Junkbot is a Do It Yourself (DIY) robotic kit that helps children create working robots from anything. Your everyday junk can be converted into a functional robot with Junkbot. Plastic bottles, cardboard, broken toys, and anything that you want to throw away can be converted into something amazing. It helps children learn the core STEAM concepts, ultimately grasping their concentration and attention. It’s a great tool that makes your little ones unleash their creativity.

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